Have you ever wondered what it must feel like, having one of natures top predators, perhaps an Eagle, Hawk or Owl,

fly gracefully to your fist?


 To accept you as a companion for a brief moment, giving you the privilege to look into her eyes & marvel at the fierce beauty, before taking to the air only to return back to you  ... again & again & again!






Our off-site flying demonstrations have become highly praised & sought after because of their original & honest content, plus a variety of exciting flying. Free flying displays allow our birds to express their natural behaviours & different flying styles. With such a varied collection of birds, we are able to tailor our birds for your event. Displays are designed so everybody is close to the action, combined with a light-hearted, but highly informative commentary. You can be assured that Sussex Falconry is the best choice for flying demonstrations for your event or function.


Our demonstration team is trained to work happily in a variety of location types. Perfectly at home in stately gardens or country shows, working as part of a wedding celebration or public function, you can be sure the bird team we bring along will be the best suited for your event.


If you have a specific date we strongly recommend you book in as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment!


It is an experience that will live with you FOREVER!


So, if you have ever wondered, why not come & spend a day with the South Easts leading bird of prey performance team? 

With our very diverse private collection, we can guarantee that you will personally meet & fly more birds than anywhere else!



Photography Workshop

with Stuart Grimwood  

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Maximum group size: 6

Cost: £135 per person.


Days typically last around 5 hours starting at 11am & concluding around 4pm.

Afternoon sessions can be arranged on request.


Vouchers will be emailed to the purchaser within 48 hours. If required sooner, do not hesitate to call! Vouchers can also be emailed directly to the recipient if required.