Our Aim is to educate through experiance, by bringing our birds close up the people to bring better understanding of the ongoing conservation of birds of prey & why we need to nurture and care for them. Rehabiltate wild injured or sick birds of prey & to preserve the history & heritage of Falconry.   

Many ‘orphaned’ Owls are not usually orphaned at all - they may be just in the process of testing their wings; known as branching out! Fledglings tend to spread out and away from their nests long before they can actually fly - this prevents overcrowding in the nest as the youngsters grow rapidly, and is nature’s way of helping to minimise any threat to the entire clutch from predators. But, many young birds lose their footing during these first explorations and fall to the ground.

These donations make a real difference to the funding that goes into the care of wild usually injured/weak birds of prey bought in to us by the public or taken on from establishments like the RSPCA for aftercare.  

By giving support to our nest box project y0u are giving a homeless bird of prey somewhere to live & contributing to the enviromental survey of suitable habitats, the construction, erection & monitoring of nest boxes.

Becoming part of our nest box project costs only £40.00 a year & when you join you will be added to our nest box newsletter where you will receive emails throughout the year on what is going on with within the project.