Sussex Falconry Displays

If you are looking for visual entertainment for any show  & you want your guests to have the opportunity to spend the day with some of the most impressive creatures on the planet, then you have to look no further!

We have the largest and most diverse team in the UK! Our team includes a multitude of Falcons, Hawks, Buzzards, Owls & Queen of the collection 'Rhani' our Eagle, with some very special additions such 'Papua' the world-famous Guinea Fowl, 'Navarron' a Spanish Andalusian  & 'Opie' a Quarter Horse.


Our shows can be performed on foot or from Horseback with The Battle Household team. Free flying displays allows these birds to express their natural behaviours & different flying styles & with such a varied collection of birds, we are able to tailor our birds, for your event. Displays are designed so everybody is close to the action, combined with a light-hearted, but highly informative commentary. You can be assured that Sussex Falconry is the best choice for flying demonstrations for your event or function.


Our demonstration team is trained to work happily in a variety of location types. Perfectly at home in stately gardens or country shows, working as part of a wedding celebration or public function, you can be sure the bird team we bring along will be the best suited for your event

Sussex Falconry is also able to provide for Historical Falconry in fitting with many different periods and other themed events such as Wizarding & Witchery. In costume, with fitting commentary telling tales of the storied long forgotten. Our birds are even trained so they can even be flown to music & incorporated with other onsite activities. Flying displays can also be held indoors.

Please email us at or call on:

07899 022117 to discuss your requirements.