Rescued Bird Assistance 


These donations make a real difference to the funding that goes into the care of wild usually injured/weak birds of prey bought in to us by the public or taken on from establishments like the RSPCA for aftercare.  


Not being a charity or receiving any form of funding, the rehabilitation,

care & release of injured/sick wild birds each year takes a huge amount

of resources, time & funding especially with vet bills, care & food.


Sussex Falconry therefore gratefully accepts any donations you wish to make, towards the care of wild birds & anyone that does make a donation will receive a high resolution photograph of one of our team by email, as a token of our sincere appreciation.

The Nest Box Project


Due to a lack of suitable nest sights such as cavities & holes in old trees, predominantly caused by habitat destruction. Many birds of prey find it difficult to find somewhere to settle down build a home and raise their young. This predominantly affects Barn Owls, Little Owls, Tawny Owls & Kestrels. 


By giving support to our nest box project y0u are giving a homeless bird of prey somewhere to live & contributing to the environmental survey of suitable habitats, the construction, erection & monitoring of nest boxes.


Becoming part of our nest box project costs just  £40.00

Corporate Sponsors 


Becoming a corporate sponsor opens up an array of  opportunities including activity sessions, team building days, pest control, family fun days, product/promotional launches  & reduced experience & shop fees for employees. For more information on our range of corporate offers please contact Sussex Falconry on 07899 022117  or e-mail at



Volunteering & Work Experience


If you have a passion for birds of prey volunteering can be a great way to get involved. Volunteering with birds of prey takes a lot of dedication as you will be building up relationships with the birds.

The main duties will include cleaning, preparing  food, gardening & more cleaning.

We will make sure you get the appropriate training, during your days with us & once we feel you are experienced & trustworthy enough with the birds themselves, you will be able to get more involved with the  flying of the birds & even attending shows with us. The work can be physical & demanding.  Animal care experience will be advantageous, although experience with birds of prey themselves, is not required.

If you think you have got what it takes to volunteer with raptors, please fill in our online form.



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