Educational Visits


Nothing can be more awe-inspiring to a young mind (or any age come to that) than actually experiencing a Bird of Prey flying across the room. Many aspects of the modern day National Curriculum can be linked very nicely with Falconry such as Nocturnal Animals, History, Adaptation of the Species, Conservation, Scatology, Outside the classroom window, Habitat, Dinosaurs, Food Webs, Evolution, Religion & Pre Historic life.


Visits would generally consist of bringing from 7 - 9 different birds of prey to your club, school, college, university & professionally displaying them to the students/pupils.


Whether conducted in a large outdoor space or indoors (i.e. a sports hall or similiar), the birds can also be free flown, making an unforgetable experience for the pupils & teachers alike, as the birds fly within metres of them.


A visit can last all day or just morning or afternoon & accompanied by up to a maximum of three seperate, 30 minute presentations to the pupils & the presentation will usually comprise of the following:


Information about the birds themselves. 

Specific species i.e. hawks, falcons & owls.

Where birds of prey fit in nature. 

Feeding & hunting habits.

The historical place of birds of prey. 

Questions from the students/pupils or drawings.


We are also avaliable for school, college & university open days, as falconry today, offers many career opportunities. Likewise it can also be a very rewarding hobby.


Please email us at or call on 07899 022117 with details of your day.

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