There are falconry experiences & there are falconry experiences. 


Here at Sussex Falconry, we are proud to offer a bespoke level of experience, where you can hands-on flying high-performance display birds, under the supervision of our knowledgeable falconers who will share the stories of the myths, legends, and History that surround birds.

So treat yourself or a friend to one of our exciting experiences!
No matter the experience you choose, the Sussex Falconry team will make sure that you enjoy every second of it.


Our one to one training day is tailored to suit you.


It can be used a refresher day to go over an aspect of falconry, you are unsure of, perhaps you’ve already got a bird and you're struggling with a certain area of it. Whether it is box training, luring, hunting,  weight control, manning, hooding, coping, equipment making, whatever it is we can go over it with you and your bird to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to achieve this and develop as a falconer.