​Bird of Prey Management Course​

This course is conducted over a period of 4 days & it is on this course that you will be taught everything you need to know in order to purchase, train & maintain a bird of prey, whether it be an Owl, a Hawk, a Falcon or an Eagle!


This is a course designed for the person/s who wishes to take up the ancient art & sport of falconry. Falconry itself is a very diverse subject & consists of a multitude of disciplines, which apply to each individual species of raptor.


This course is run as a "one to one" course although if two (even three) related persons wish to participate, that can easily be arranged.


Many people like the idea of practicing falconry & although there are many books & videos available, nothing can beat hands-on experience! This will give you & especially your newly acquired bird the best possible start.


The course can be split into 4 different days or 4 consecutive days during the week (This course is best completed over 4 consecutive days, for continuity.) The days run from 10:30 am to around 5 pm.


All aspects of care are covered & the course will include hundreds of tips & good practice, which are sometimes not mentioned in books or shown on videos, which have been acquired over many years of training & flying many different species of raptor.

Cost £899.00 per adult.

(Discounts apply for 2 or more participating adults. 

Below is the general itinerary, although it may vary depending on the natural ability,skills & speed of progression of the pupil/s:

Day One:

Introduction to the different birds of prey.
Biology of birds of prey.
Learning the Falconry Knot.
Equipment Making - Aylmeris, Jesses, Flying Jesses & Leash (this involves using sharp tools).
Use of Equipment made & fitting.
Applying the falconry Knot, picking up, putting down & tethering a Bird of Prey.
Exercising birds to get the feel of birds flying towards you.
Questions going over the days activities.

Day Two:

Brief going over previous days' activities & any questions that may have arisen.
Hygiene & cleaning of aviaries & "Mews" & the construction thereof.
Furniture (equipment used for falconry).
Flying Weights.
Basic training of Raptors from step 1 to flying free.
Training methods including "imprinting" including their pro's & cons depending on species.
Practical use of the "Creance" (training line).
"Coping", "Imping" (fixing broken feathers & trimming beaks & talons) & fitting telemetry mounts.
Exercising, manning, tethering & carraige of birds.
Training for hunting (use of "Dummy Bunny").
Questions going over the days activities.

Day 3:

Prepare birds for the day i.e cleaning & maintenance.
Food preparation for raptors. This involves handling raw meat & use of sharp knives.
How to dispatch quarry humanely (This is practiced on deceased hawk food subjects)
Basic ailments and problems associated with raptors kept in captivity.
Other equipment making such as hoods, lures.
Use of various lures for recall & training.
Exercising, manning, tethering & carriage of birds.
Identifying specialist raptor vets, raptor breeders & legislation involved owning a bird of prey.
Tracking lost birds using Radio Telemetry. This involves locating a hidden transmitter in a 1 mile radius.
Questions going over the days activities.

Day 4:

Brief going over previous days activities & any questions that may have arisen.

Prepare birds for the day i.e cleaning & maintenance.
Prepare hawks for hunting (conditions apply).
Go hunting using various trained hunting hawks & a falconry dog (conditions apply).
Cover all 4 days previous activities and refresh any subject covered, if required.
Exercising, manning, tethering & carriage of birds.
Final questions answer session.


Minimum age for the full course is 17 years.  

(Please refer to the Terms & Conditions regarding the legislation regarding the ownership of birds of prey by minors)​



Vouchers can either be posted First Class or emailed to you direct for you to print off.
Please state preference upon purchase.