Falconry Training Day


Our "one to one" training day is tailored to suit you.


It can be used as a refresher day to go over any aspect of falconry you are unsure of. Perhaps you have already got a bird and you are struggling with a certain area of it, such as box training, luring, hunting, weight control, manning, hooding, coping, equipment making, whatever it is, we can go over it with you & your bird to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to achieve this & develop as a falconer. 

This day is not a full course as we could never cover everything you need to know in just one day! We do provide a Raptor Management Course which is a 4-day intensive course that will teach you everything you need to know to look after & train a bird of your choice. 

However, we understand not everyone can take 4 days off at once to learn falconry, so you can also use this "one to one" training to complete a course in your own time. We do recommend at least 5 days, as you will not be constantly handling and working with a bird as you would be on the Raptor Management Course, so your handling skills will take much longer to develop.

Finally, our "one to one" Falconry Training Day can be used for those wanting to try out being a falconer for a day before taking the leap into our Raptor Management course. We will go over some basic aspects of falconry teaching you to pick up a bird, weigh it and get it ready to take it out into the field to fly it. This will also give you the chance to ask a falconer all those questions, to find out if this is really something you want (or can) commit to. 

Cost £260.00 per person.

(Discounts apply for 2 or more participants) 


Cost £50.00 per guest/spectator.

(one Adult must accompany any participating child under the age of 17 years of age. Their attendance is free of charge.) 

Days start from 11 am & conclude around 4 pm. 


Vouchers will be emailed to the purchaser within 48 hours. If required sooner, do not hesitate to call! Vouchers can also be emailed directly to the recipient if required.