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Pest Control


Falconry is a natural, humane & environmentally

friendly solution to pest bird problems. Having the

presence of a bird of prey on your site is an extremely 

effective deterrent of Gulls, Corvids, Feral Pigeons,

Starlings and other birds as we know they can cause

a huge amount of mess, as well as damage whilst also

creating a substantial health risk helping to spread



In time pest species will associate the area with a

predator making them more wary of returning to the

area & finding somewhere else to call home. This is a natural and humane way of controlling the number of birds that settle on your site whilst causing them no harm.


With years of experience, we know every site is different so we offer a free site survey to discuss your requirements. A successful bird deterrent program requires timing, organization, persistence and diversity. We will draw up a program of treatment & quotation for you.


Pest dispersal can be used for landfill, outside food establishments, airfields, industrial sites, town centres & farmland. 


Call our friendly team to discuss your requirements and let us help you to find a solution - 07899022117