Photography Days

Our Birds of Prey Photography Days are provided either for individual photographers or small photography groups. Our days will appeal to everybody from amateurs to professional photographers alike. Participants will have exclusive access to birds that are extremely difficult to approach, let alone photograph in the wild. As well as perched shots in some truly unique settings, you will also have the opportunity to practice photographing a variety of different raptors in flight.


Cost: £195.00 per person.

(Discounts apply for 5 or more participants)

£50.00 per guest/spectator.

(For group booking please ring before purchase)  


Days typically last around 4 hours starting at 11 am & concluding around 3 -3:30 pm.

Afternoon sessions can be arranged on request.


Vouchers will be emailed to the purchaser within 48 hours. If required sooner, do not hesitate to call! Vouchers can also be emailed directly to the recipient if required.