The Alan Titchmarsh Show Autumn Special

Well that was exciting, last friday we received a call from the ITV studios asking if we'd make an appearance on 'The Alan Titchmarsh Show' for his Autumn Special! With the thought of meeting Alan Titchmarsh and getting a few gardening tips and being informed Stephen Moss naturist was also going to be a guest on the show, we just couldn't say no!

So off we went to Londons ITV Studios where celebrities you have seen on TV for years wandering past, getting ready for their shows, runners everywhere working hard to make sure everything operated smoothly (thank you Annie) and then its your bit on the big screen! Hoping you dont say the wrong thing; but it couldnt of gone much better. 'PeeWee the Tawny Owl' twittawooing away not taking a blind bit of notice at all the commotion going on around him, 'Fidget the Barn Owl' fidgeting as usual and 'Gypsy the Goshawk' on her best behaviour even if she did lick her beak at the sight of 'Fidget' moving about infront of her while Steven was chatting with Alan Titchmarsh and Steven Moss. Then before you know it a 11 hour day is over in a flash a were on our way back to Sunny Sussex.

Fantastic day out both us and the birds really enjoyed it.

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