First day out hunting with 'Gypsy'

The Goshawk is a woodland hawk, with its short broad wings and long tail it is extremely agile. But thats not all that sets them apart they have muscles on both sides of their wings which gives them speed and power both on the downbeat of the wing, but also the upbeat!

So where did we take her? The woods of course!! As this was her first time out we wanted to keep her close letting her fire off the glove to a few rabbits. Though the rabbits have got great escape routes, as there were rabbit holes everywhere!! So no luck, back to the glove she came. But it was definitely our lucky day three cock pheasant and Gypsy was off and the pheasant ran into the bushes, she took rest in a tree of a few moments before diving down on her dinner... What a hawk! Demonstrations, TV and now Hunting 'Gypsy' ..... you really are a super star :D

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