The Mighty Zulu Warrior

Today we welcome 'Zulu' an African Spotted Eagle Owl to our team. I know what a way to fly... only joking!!!! 'Zulu' was a pre-loved pet born in the UK. He's only one & now recieving lots of love here at Sussex Falconry and all the better for it hooting away.

In the wild you can find these beautiful birds arcoss South Africa & parts of the Arabian Peninsula across the Savannah, rocky outcrops, scrub, open and semi-open woodland, semi-deserts. Nesting in scrapes on the ground, normally sheltered by a bush, grass or rocks.

Like 'Bing' our burrowing owl they spend alot on the ground running around and boy he can run! We're not sure oo his top speed yet as he'll be getting fitter day after day.

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