Who wants to see our new 5 week old Kestrels????

'Tinker' & 'Belle' are our newest babies joining us at 5 weeks old & boy aren't they just they cutest; sure to be stars in our future shows flying together.

Although tiny the Kestrel is not our smallest species of falcon here in the UK; its actually second largest to the Peregrine Falcon, followed by the Hobby & then the Merlin the smallest of our 4 falcons we have in the UK.

As hatchlings they are covered in down white feathers, but as they quickly mature they grow their first true plumage this is mainly light chestnut brown with black speckles on the upperside, black bars across the tail ending with a black tip with a narrow white rim. The underside has a blonde buff with lighter with more narrow brownish specks.

Upon their second year Kestrels display sexual colour dimorphism with the males having fewer speckles, as well as a blue-grey cap & tail.

You're most likely to see Kestrels while you're driving about; pointed wings and long tail, hovering about 10 to 20 meters above the roadside verge. Their head fixed on the ground no matter how strong the wind is. What they are fixating on is the urine trails left behind by a rodent as Kestrel are able to see near ultraviolet light which enables them to see these trail & if you’re really lucky you might see them spot something & pull a stoop!

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