What is your favourite Bird?

What is your favourite Bird? A Barn Owl, A Golden Eagle, a Red Kite? Mine has always been the Peregrine Falcon, fastest Animal on the Planet! When I joined the team almost 7 years ago It was the one bird I would always aspire to fly. Tho there was no way Steven was going to allow me to fly his number one demonstration falcon overnight, this was something I had to really work for it. Learn to swing a lure and well is the pinnacle of flying falconry, something that must be practiced daily to perfect. After 3 months of daily practice, Steven allowed me to attempt a pass with his Lanner Falcon and from that, I was hooked. He then gave me an old Perlin Falcon that he had been given, by no means an easy Falcon to fly or a beginner's Falcon but I will never say no to a challenge. Flying her was a dream, to begin with then he fitness surpassed my ability and she caught me out every day for 6 months. Then I finally started to get it, after 2 years it was like a dance a thing of beauty I enjoyed nothing more than flying her. 4 years in my very old girl by then just fell asleep in the winter sun one morning and I was broken. By then I had a couple of kestrels to Fly but it just was not the same. So he said I could fly Hyde his Saker Falcon, followed by Shadow our Gyr. Once we got to know each other the dance began again. And I walked in one day and my overconfident self-proclaimed they are easy to fly. And with that Steven said go fly the Peregrine. I had got there 5 years on and finally achieved everything I had worked so hard for. Today Tegan our Peregrine was back at weight after our short winter break and I am over the moon to be flying her again and hopefully, this year perfect our luring dance ❤

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