A smiling face is always a beautiful face

A smiling face is always a beautiful face. This is Bex first time flying then feeding a Harris hawk. Such a wonderful smile. Now through this cold snap, we don't have as many experiences running, we are taking on new volunteers as we have the time available to train you with the birds. However, we are looking for the most dedicated kind of people. People who can put the time in as you will be making personal relationships with our birds, so they trust you enough to fly to you perhaps in an arena environment when the summer comes. So, we are looking for hard working individuals, who can be dedicated at least one day a week to work to assist with maintenance, training with the birds and are available for camping weekends away on the summer months. If you think that is you fill out or online form. https://sussexfalconry.wufoo.com/forms/volunteer-form/

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