Can you teach an old kestrel a new trick?

Lovely day to work on hovering with this blustery wind coming through. This year we decided to see if you could teach an old kestrel a new trick. At 5 years old Belle here, has never hovered. Everything we tried just didn't work, when she was a youngster. She's a lure bird and you will have probably seen Emily or Fizz luring her in the shows. But we thought since she's mellowed over the years we'd give it another go over the winter and after months of training and practice she's got it. Now we're just working on height because, as tall as some of our staff members are, hovering just above their heads is just not good enough. So with the wind to her advantage yesterday and today, she only got rewarded for gaining height and viola! - She got it! Hopefully we shall get some nice videos in the week to come ... well done Baby Belle.

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