Help Find and build us a new home

We come to you with a real call for help!

We need to find a new home for our falconry set up. After the worst year ever we have just been handed some awful news, that we need to find somewhere new to move our business too. Within the next 5 months. We are trying to stay positive and look at this as an opportunity, to find somewhere new where we can continue to grow and evolve. Progressing our Medieval horseback falconry & Horsemanship and growing our conservation breeding programs.

Now, this is not the ideal time to be moving so we are appealing for your help, if you know anywhere you believe may be suitable please put us in touch. If you can help with funding and the cost of building our new set up please check out our crowdfunding page - .

If you love everything birds of prey, horses, heritage, and conservation and you can help me in any way. Please do not hesitate to give me a call. I really do appeal for your help and support at this time. Thank you, Emily Autumns 07759111874

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