Targets & Talons Experience

This Experience is designed for a groups or individuals, who wish to enjoy the outdoors hunting with
Air Rifles & to witness the thrill of watching Birds of Prey hunt.

Your day will start with a hot drink & a freshly cooked bacon/egg roll.

(Plain egg rolls for Veggies! But we will be wondering why you are out here;))

With the introductions & safety briefing out the way you will then start on the range to

either start/improve/test your shooting skills.

You will then be taken on a stalk around the boundaries to establish your areas of safe shooting, identifying the hotspots for quarry. With the varied types of land from woodland to open field, quarry is in abundance. Once your instructor is confident you can exercise a "clean kill", you will then be on your own, to test your field craft skills & to try secure your dinner. A headset will be provided for communications.

At midday, the falconer will prepare the hawks for your hawking experience. After a brief introduction to the world of falconry, a trained hawk will be flown to your fist, to give you a little taster.

Then the hunting hawk/s come out which are allowed to fly free in search of quarry. If the hawk spots quarry, it will stoop down at speed & hopefully secure it with its talons. A great opportunity for a photgraph to be taken, so don't forget your camera! The hawk will then be given her fair share of raw meat and its back to base.
Here you will be shown how to prepare the days bag for the pot with the opportunity to even cook what you have caught over an open fire.

Just like catching a fish from the sea & cooking it that day, there is no better feeling than knowing you have a meal provided by nature itself, whether brought down by a gun, or with a hunting hawk as your companion.

Should there be excess quarry that day, do not worry, the hawks will always assist with consumption. A truly memorable day, going back to the grass roots of survival & nature, reminding us of what times used to be like in days gone by, before supermarkets became the norm.

Cost £139.00 per adult.

(Discounts apply for 3 or more participating adults)


Minimum age for this experience is 14. (Age 14 - 18 must be accompanied by person over 21
Group Discounts Apply - Maximum 10 persons)
Vouchers can either be posted First Class or emailed to you. Please state preference upon purchase.
Voucher valid for use for 12 months from date of purchase but must be booked into the diary within 6 months of purchase.

(This experience is goverened & operated by the Rules, Insurances & Terms & Conditions set out by/with TS Air Rifles)

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