Terms & Conditions:


Please read the following information carefully as these terms form the contract between you (the purchaser / voucher / experience recipient / adoptee) & Sussex Falconry. It is the responsibility of each customer to ensure they act in a safe manner & follow health & safety instructions at all times. Customers are also to be aware that these birds are still wild animals. Our birds do not do "tricks" but merely mimic in captivity, their habits in the wild. All our experiences are very hands on. This enables the customer/s to be in contact with each bird at a very personal level.

Sussex Falconry operates a NO touching/stroking/petting policy with regards to handling its birds. This is for the welfare of the birds, who do not enjoy it & it is considered an old fashioned practice, in this day & age. It also greatly increases the risk of injury having a bare hand close to their sharp beak & talons.

COVID 19 Information: Due to the times we are currently in with regards to Covid 19, if you wish to wear face coverings you are more than welcome to do so, however, Sussex Falconry will not be supplying masks/face coverings. Sussex Falconry staff will not be wearing them either, as they upset some of our birds. 

During your experience you will be using a leather gauntlet which we provide. Gauntlets are sanitised at the beginning of each experience (& the end), but it is advised you keep the gauntlet you are given, for your own use throughout the experience & that they are not interchanged between persons on the day.

We will have latex gloves & hand sanitiser available which are kept at the centre, but likewise if you wish to bring your own personal sanitiser/s, in containers that only you will handle on your day, by all means do so.

Any foodstuffs bought with you on your day will need to be in a secure cool bag/box which will remain with you & only you/your group will handle.

Any teas/coffees that may be offered during the day, will be served in normal clean cups/mugs that we have on-site. If you do not wish to use our cups/mugs, again feel free to bring your own cups/mugs, as beverages can be made without the need to touch them, by using a tray.

All experiences are conducted outdoors so any social distancing can be applied with ease.

PLEASE NOTE: Any experiences purchased during Covid 19 or that could not be booked into the diary because of local/national restrictions, or were purchased prior to any restrictions/lock downs, the period of any lock down period (past/present & future), the DAYS in actual lock down will be added to the booking in expiry date.

The onus still remains with the voucher holder/recipient to book the voucher/s in within the required period including any extra days added because of restrictions/lock downs.

These days are calculated according to the government advised road maps of restrictions applied & lifted which have been announced in the media (including social).



Experiences are held at the location Sussex Falconry keeps their birds in Herstmonceux, East Sussex.

This address is passed to the voucher recipient/s when they book their experience into the diary.

Experiences are NOT held at Partnership Accommodations. Only Group Activities are held here by guests booked in at the accommodations.


Deluxe VIP Falconry/Deluxe VIP Owl Bookings & Deluxe VIP Half Days: are guaranteed to be booked into the diary as a "one to one" experience, in that no other unrelated persons will be booked onto the same day/time.


Deluxe VIP Experiences, Falconry Experiences & Owl Experiences: start from 10:30am onwards & conclude between  3pm - 3:30pm.  If an extended period is taken for lunch, then the day may conclude later. These times will vary slightly in autumn/winter hours because of less daylight hours &/or because of farm activities & the start time may move forward to 11:00am. The day may then conclude later accordingly.

Combo Experiences &  Field Day Experiences: start at 11:00am & finish at approximately 2:30pm. Both may conclude later, depending where the birds are taken for the experience. Neither of these experiences are held on weekends (or Bank Holiday days), as this is too risky for our birds with the increase of guns out in the field on weekends. Due to the nature of these experiences, persons suffering from certain physical disabilities may not find this experience practical as it involves a fair amount of walking & navigating through woods & across fields. Customers need to also be aware that if quarry is caught by the hawk/s it is NOT released.


Junior Experience Days: start at 11:00am & finish at approximately 2:30pm. On Junior Experience Days, the junior must be accompanied by an appropriate parent/adult/guardian aged 18+. There is no extra charge for this. If more than one parent/adult/guardian wishes to attend with a junior, then an extra charge of £40.00 does apply for each extra person in attendance. Junior Days are NOT held on weekends from 01st March - 31st October of any year, or on any Bank Holiday days.


Half Day Experiences: are held from 12:00hrs (midday) - approximately 15:00hrs & are NOT held on weekends (or any Bank Holiday day) from 01st March - 31st October of any year. Arrangements can be made for Half Day Experiences to start later in Spring/Summer. 

Half Day & Taster Experiences are arranged according to available space in the diary. Taster Vouchers cannot be re-booked to another time once entered in the diary. Guest vouchers must also be upgraded, if a one or two hour Taster Voucher is upgraded to a Full or Half Day experience.

Taster Voucher Experiences are NOT held on weekends (or Bank Holiday days).

Due to the nature of Taster Voucher/s punctuality is key, so please ensure you arrive at the correct time. The voucher/s time begins at time of diary entry booking & cannot be extended, as a result of late arrival.


Full/Day Courses: are usually held from 01st October - 31st March of any year from a Tuesday to a Friday. This is to accommodate the hunting element of the course. If a full course is held outside this period, then the hunting element will need to be completed at a later date. Full courses are not accredited by any educational body, as there is no reliable body that covers falconry. The lower age limit for attending a Full course is 16 years. If younger people wish to take part they can do so, but only if a parent also comes on the course as a paying participant. This is because we consider that younger children should not keep birds of prey or owls without parents being able to assist in the care & training. It is also illegal to sell a bird of prey to a minor. Day courses are held according to available space in the diary all year.


Hawk Walk Experience: vouchers are valid for 06 months & are NOT held on weekends from 01st March - 31st October of any year (or any Bank Holiday days). Hawk Walk Experiences are arranged according to available space in the diary.


Photography Days: are held by Sussex Falconry, but this does not include any camera tuition. Birds used on photography days will be staged/flown depending on availability & prevailing weather conditions. Photography Days are approximately 04hrs in duration. Photography Days are not held on weekend dates from 01st May to 30th September of any year, unless by prior arrangement.


Experience Bookings & Cancellations:

Vouchers are valid for use for 12 months from date of purchase, but have an expiry date for booking in the diary of 06 months. This date is clearly printed on the voucher. This means the voucher/s MUST be booked in the diary within 06 months of purchase. If the voucher recipient books the date in the diary within the 06 month period & that date booked, falls past the expiry date, this is acceptable. This allows customers to choose their most preferred season.

If the voucher recipient fails to book the voucher in the diary before the expiry date, the voucher will be deemed expired & void. The voucher/s must be realised within 12 months from date of purchase & cannot be booked past the 12 month period from date of purchase. 

We do NOT send reminders or follow up sold vouchers. Days are allocated on a "first come first served" basis. It is advised that this is done as soon as is practicable, especially if a weekend date is required. Once a booking has been made & the day allocated, the voucher/experience recipient is bound by these terms & conditions & is to complete the experience or forfeit/pay a re-booking fee. The extension fee is £75.00 per voucher, to re-book to another day if the recipient wishes to move the booked date with 13 days or less notice. If the booking is required to be moved with more than 14 days notice, then an extension fee is NOT charged & the booking will simply be moved to another date. Guests are welcome to attend certain experiences with voucher recipients however there is a charge of £40.00 per each extra guest.  In the event that guests wish to participate in the handling & flying on the day booked by the main voucher recipient, the balance to obtain a full voucher can be settled on the day. If for any reason, Sussex Falconry has to cancel the experience, we will inform the customer attending, as soon as possible & offer/discuss an alternative date, for your booking, at no extra charge to the customer. 

Please wear comfortable clothing (dark colours) for all experiences & choose clothing that you don't mind becoming soiled. Sturdy shoes/boots are also advised especially during inclement weather. 


Please bring your voucher/s with you on the day.


Vouchers are not refundable, under any circumstances.


Personal, Accident & Property Insurance for Experiences:

This is to notify the purchaser that the voucher recipient is covered against personal accident & third party liability for the duration of the experience whilst with Sussex Falconry at our location/base in Herstmonceux &/or at Partnership Accommodations. Customers are responsible for all their own personal property/equipment they bring with them. 

Insurance cover does not extend to customers personal vehicles.

Insurance cover does not extend to any person/s who attempts to stroke/touch/pet a bird whilst handling them, should they get bitten or "footed", after they have been advised/asked not to do so. 

Insurance cover does not extend to Field Day & Combo Experiences for the part of the experience which is conducted in the countryside/fields/farms. Because of the nature of Field Day & Combo Experiences it will be with the agreed consent of the customer to participate in the field & that they accept they are responsible for their own safety, conduct, limitations, personal safety & property. If this consent is not agreed, the experience will revert to the Falconry Experience & remain on site, under the insurance cover & the field element will be forfeited, without refund or compensation.

In summary, Sussex Falconry will not accept liability for personal injury, damage or loss to/of personal property as a result of slips, falls, acts of nature (i.e. injuries caused by natural flora or fauna, negotiating barbed wire fences at inappropriate points, stepping into a concealed hole, falling in water, being struck by falling branches or wind swept debris or any other act outside the control of Sussex Falconry or their agents) whilst on Field Day/Combo Experiences, whilst conducting the Field element of these experiences.

Sussex Falconry is not responsible for the footwear/clothing chosen by the customer for these experiences, should they prove to be inadequate for the experience. In the event a customer wears totally inadequate clothing/footwear for Field/Combo experiences, the field side of the experience may be cancelled without refund or recourse, at the discretion of Sussex Falconry. Sussex Falconry will not be held responsible for events outside the control of Sussex Falconry which causes the alteration of an experience/s due to natural causes such as disease outbreak which may restrict movement on farms, such as Bird Flu (H5N8, H5N6, H5N1), Foot & Mouth Disease, Schmallenberg Virus or ANY outbreak where restrictions are placed/recommended by DEFRA, Government or landowners. 


Age, Height, Health Restrictions & Parents/Guardians:

Minimum age is 08 years. 08 years to 16 years & 364 days are considered as "Junior". 17 years & above are considered as adult. Customers need to be a minimum of 1.2m in height & they must be in good health, reasonably fit & not suffer from any nervous disposition regarding birds. Sussex Falconry does NOT participate in rehabilitation of persons with bird/feather phobias. In the event any form of bird/feather phobia is identified (or suspected) on the day, the experience will be immediately terminated, without any form of refund. 


Smokers/Vapers:  Smokers/Vapers are welcome on experiences, as they are mostly conducted outside.

Dogs:  Sussex Falconry are dog lovers, but we are based on a working sheep farm & we do not have any facilities for exercising or allowing dogs comfort breaks (even on a lead), because of the sheep & other farm animals living on the farm. Neither would they be tolerated by the birds of prey at all, no matter how well behaved any dog may deemed to be & would cause the birds to become alarmed, merely on sight of a dog in the vicinity, as the birds would not know that the dog is not a threat. 

Because of these reasons it would be best NOT to bring your dog/s on experiences/activities, as they would have to be confined to your vehicle for the duration of the experience/activity.


Our experiences are wheelchair friendly, but in the event the recipient of a voucher uses a wheelchair for mobility, this must be made known upon booking the voucher in the diary, as some birds baulk at wheelchairs.



Birds are handled & flown depending on availability & prevailing weather conditions on the day & may not include all the species mentioned on the voucher. As these birds are wild animals, there is always a risk when working with them. Customers should be aware of this fact & accept that although every means will be made to reduce this risk to a minimum, that there is always a risk, however small.


Transfer of Vouchers:

Vouchers are transferable. In the event the person named on the voucher wishes to pass the voucher on, Sussex Falconry allows this. The transfer of any voucher must be made to the appropriate category i.e. a Junior Experience voucher cannot be transferred to an adult or a Field Day voucher transferred to a Junior etc.


Complimentary Vouchers/Days: 

Experiences/Voucher/s that are given out as "complimentaries" by Sussex Falconry to charities, raffles or any other persons as a donation or "free" experience must be used within 06 months. If the recipient is unable to use the voucher on the day penned in the diary, or by the expiry date, for any reason, the voucher/s become void. If the voucher/s is still within its expiry date a fee of £100.00 will be charged to re-book any day already penned in the diary, should that day be cancelled by the voucher recipient/s. In the event that Sussex Falconry cancels a day, an alternative date will be arranged at no extra charge. Complimentary Vouchers/Days cannot be used/realised on weekend days from 01st March - 31st October of any year. Complimentary Vouchers/Days cannot be used/realised on ANY Bank Holiday dates. 


Partnership Accommodation Bookings:

Only group/activity bookings are held at Partnership Accommodations. Any enquiries for bookings of the accommodations are separate to Sussex Falconry & must be made directly with the accommodation itself. 


Adoption Packages:

During the Covid-19 crises,  up to 3 weeks will be given for its arrival to an adoptee,  mainly due to delays at Royal Mail. In the instance an adoption package is lost in the post, a new package will be sent out upon request, after the 3 week period. If a refund is requested after this 3 week period there will be a £15 administration fee and you adoptees name will be taken off our "free show encounter list".
The meeting of your adopted animal is only available at public shows the animal is in attendance of & we cannot guarantee which animal/s will be at any show/s, as that is decided on the morning/s of the show/s. 
The encounter will take place at the static falconry display & lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Only the named adoptee will be able to participate with the encounter.

If the falconers or horse trainers are preparing for a show or have just completed a show, the adoptee may be asked to wait or come back later, after the birds/horses have been taken care of.

(There is NO riding or flying of the animal included within your encounter.) 
Animal encounters through the adoption scheme have nothing to do with our Experience Days.

If you wish to fly your adopted bird this can be arranged with the purchase of an Experience Day, but will also remain subject to prevailing weather conditions & availability, on any given experience day. 

Weather Related Event Cancellations:

In the event of adverse weather or any other reason beyond our control, it may mean that the experience/event has to be cancelled & re-booked. In this instance the experience provider will not be held liable to refund any travel/hotel/accommodation expenses or any other costs that have incurred, due to the cancellation of the experience. Likewise, if an offsite event which Sussex Falconry has to travel to, becomes weather effected, so as the event cannot be held/attended without causing undue risk to Sussex Falconry personnel &/or property, a credit note will be issued to the event organiser/s secretary, to re-book the event for a future date, if payment has already been made by the event organiser/s & if we have NOT already left/traveled to the event. This credit note is valid for ONE calendar year. This does not apply to any event we have already traveled to, which is then cancelled by the organiser/s on the day/weekend. For events cancelled by the organiser/s a "reschedule fee" of £100.00 is charged for any event moved to another week day in the calendar year & £200.00 for any event moved to a weekend date. Bank Holiday days are treated as weekend dates, as they are an extension of that weekend itself.

Movement of any rescheduled event/s is subject to availability on the calendar, for that year period remaining. There are no refunds. In the event Sussex Falconry cancels their attendance for any reason, a credit note (without applicable reschedule fees) or full refund will be made.



Any images/photographs/videos of adults taken by Sussex Falconry or his associates, of experiences persons &/or birds will become the property of Sussex Falconry for use & distribution as Sussex Falconry sees fit, if permission is not sought, to take images/videos of our stock or staff. Photographs may be used for future advertising on websites & future advertising materials. Consent will only be requested in the event images of juniors/minors are to be used.


We reserve the right to cancel, alter or amend any experience event, timings or content.

We reserve the right to discontinue the activity should it be deemed necessary.

We reserve the right to alter or change any part of the experience or product on offer without notice. 

We reserve the right to cancel at short notice.


Statutory Rights & Complaints:

These terms & conditions do not alter your statutory rights as a consumer & are governed by & in accordance with English Law. The purchaser, voucher/experience recipient & Sussex Falconry agree that any problems fall under the jurisdiction of English courts. All clauses & sub clauses in our terms & conditions are independent of each other. If any one of the said clauses is invalid, this will not affect any other clause or sub clause. Please make any complaint direct to the experience provider. Terms & Conditions are regularly altered & amended to evolve with the profile of the business.


The Terms & Conditions on this page are final over all/any historical, written or previously emailed correspondence.

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